Summary: This gene encodes an adenosine receptor that is a member of the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily. This integral membrane protein stimulates adenylate cyclase activity in the presence of adenosine. This protein also interacts with netrin-1, which is involved in axon elongation. The gene is located near the Smith-Magenis syndrome region on chromosome 17. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

adenosine A2b receptorMIM:600446Ensembl:ENSG00000170425HGNC:HGNC:264PA2458517p12

GO terms in ADORA2B

Term TypeEvidence TypeGO Term IDGO Des.
MFIEAGO:0001609G-protein coupled adenosine receptor activity
CCTASGO:0005886plasma membrane
CCTASGO:0005887integral component of plasma membrane
BPTASGO:0000187activation of MAPK activity
BPIEAGO:0001973adenosine receptor signaling pathway
BPIEAGO:0002882positive regulation of chronic inflammatory response to non-antigenic stimulus
BPTASGO:0006968cellular defense response
BPTASGO:0007186G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway
BPIEAGO:0007189adenylate cyclase-activating G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway
BPTASGO:0007190activation of adenylate cyclase activity
BPTASGO:0007254JNK cascade
BPIEAGO:0010575positive regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor production
BPIEAGO:0031284positive regulation of guanylate cyclase activity
BPIEAGO:0031668cellular response to extracellular stimulus
BPIEAGO:0032722positive regulation of chemokine production
BPIEAGO:0032755positive regulation of interleukin-6 production
BPIEAGO:0043306positive regulation of mast cell degranulation
BPTASGO:0044267cellular protein metabolic process
BPIEAGO:0060087relaxation of vascular smooth muscle

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Pathways in ADORA2B

DatabasePathway IDPathway Des.
reactomeR-HSA-162582Signal Transduction
reactomeR-HSA-372790Signaling by GPCR
reactomeR-HSA-373076Class A/1 (Rhodopsin-like receptors)
reactomeR-HSA-388396GPCR downstream signalling
reactomeR-HSA-392499Metabolism of proteins
reactomeR-HSA-417973Adenosine P1 receptors
reactomeR-HSA-418038Nucleotide-like (purinergic) receptors
reactomeR-HSA-418555G alpha (s) signalling events
reactomeR-HSA-500792GPCR ligand binding
reactomeR-HSA-5683826Surfactant metabolism
smpdbSMP00321Intracellular Signalling Through Adenosine Receptor A2b and Adenosine
wikipathwaysWP455GPCRs, Class A Rhodopsin-like
wikipathwaysWP80Nucleotide GPCRs
kegghsa04015Rap1 signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04020Calcium signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04080Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04270Vascular smooth muscle contraction - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05034Alcoholism - Homo sapiens (human)
pidcmyb_pathwayC-MYB transcription factor network

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