Summary: This gene encodes a member of a family of transcription factors that heterodimerize with E2F proteins to enhance their DNA-binding activity and promote transcription from E2F target genes. The encoded protein functions as part of this complex to control the transcriptional activity of numerous genes involved in cell cycle progression from G1 to S phase. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. Pseudogenes of this gene are found on chromosomes 1, 15, and X.[provided by RefSeq, Jan 2009].

transcription factor Dp-1MIM:189902Ensembl:ENSG00000198176HGNC:HGNC:11749PA3646413q34

GO terms in TFDP1

Term TypeEvidence TypeGO Term IDGO Des.
MFIDAGO:0000977RNA polymerase II regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding
MFIBAGO:0000981RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding
MFISAGO:0000981RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding
MFISMGO:0000981RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding
MFNASGO:0000981RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding
MFIDAGO:0001228transcriptional activator activity, RNA polymerase II transcription regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding
MFTASGO:0003700DNA-binding transcription factor activity
MFTASGO:0003713transcription coactivator activity
MFIPIGO:0005515protein binding
MFIPIGO:0008134transcription factor binding
MFIPIGO:0019904protein domain specific binding
CCIDAGO:0090575RNA polymerase II transcription factor complex
BPTASGO:0000083regulation of transcription involved in G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle
BPIBAGO:0006357regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
BPTASGO:0006357regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
BPIEAGO:0006366transcription by RNA polymerase II
BPTASGO:0006977DNA damage response, signal transduction by p53 class mediator resulting in cell cycle arrest
BPTASGO:0008283cell proliferation
BPIDAGO:0045944positive regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
BPTASGO:0045944positive regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
BPTASGO:0070317negative regulation of G0 to G1 transition
BPISSGO:0070345negative regulation of fat cell proliferation
BPTASGO:1900740positive regulation of protein insertion into mitochondrial membrane involved in apoptotic signaling pathway

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Pathways in TFDP1

DatabasePathway IDPathway Des.
wikipathwaysWP179Cell Cycle
wikipathwaysWP2446Retinoblastoma (RB) in Cancer
wikipathwaysWP366TGF-beta Signaling Pathway
wikipathwaysWP45G1 to S cell cycle control
pide2f_pathwayE2F transcription factor network
pidp53downstreampathwayDirect p53 effectors
pidrb_1pathwayRegulation of retinoblastoma protein
kegghsa04110Cell cycle - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04350TGF-beta signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
biocartacellcyclepathwaycyclins and cell cycle regulation
biocartafbw7pathwaycyclin e destruction pathway
biocartag1pathwaycell cycle: g1/s check point
biocartail2rbpathwayil-2 receptor beta chain in t cell activation
biocartap27pathwayregulation of p27 phosphorylation during cell cycle progression
biocartaraccycdpathwayinfluence of ras and rho proteins on g1 to s transition
biocartaskp2e2fpathwaye2f1 destruction pathway
reactomeR-HSA-109606Intrinsic Pathway for Apoptosis
reactomeR-HSA-111448Activation of NOXA and translocation to mitochondria
reactomeR-HSA-113501Inhibition of replication initiation of damaged DNA by RB1/E2F1
reactomeR-HSA-113510E2F mediated regulation of DNA replication
reactomeR-HSA-114452Activation of BH3-only proteins
reactomeR-HSA-1362277Transcription of E2F targets under negative control by DREAM complex
reactomeR-HSA-1362277Transcription of E2F targets under negative control by DREAM complex
reactomeR-HSA-1362300Transcription of E2F targets under negative control by p107 (RBL1) and p130 (RBL2) in complex with HDAC1
reactomeR-HSA-139915Activation of PUMA and translocation to mitochondria
reactomeR-HSA-1538133G0 and Early G1
reactomeR-HSA-1538133G0 and Early G1
reactomeR-HSA-157118Signaling by NOTCH
reactomeR-HSA-157118Signaling by NOTCH
reactomeR-HSA-162582Signal Transduction
reactomeR-HSA-162582Signal Transduction
reactomeR-HSA-1640170Cell Cycle
reactomeR-HSA-1640170Cell Cycle
reactomeR-HSA-170834Signaling by TGF-beta Receptor Complex
reactomeR-HSA-1912408Pre-NOTCH Transcription and Translation
reactomeR-HSA-1912408Pre-NOTCH Transcription and Translation
reactomeR-HSA-1912422Pre-NOTCH Expression and Processing
reactomeR-HSA-1912422Pre-NOTCH Expression and Processing
reactomeR-HSA-212436Generic Transcription Pathway
reactomeR-HSA-2173793Transcriptional activity of SMAD2/SMAD3:SMAD4 heterotrimer
reactomeR-HSA-2173796SMAD2/SMAD3:SMAD4 heterotrimer regulates transcription
reactomeR-HSA-2262752Cellular responses to stress
reactomeR-HSA-2559580Oxidative Stress Induced Senescence
reactomeR-HSA-2559583Cellular Senescence
reactomeR-HSA-2559585Oncogene Induced Senescence
reactomeR-HSA-3700989Transcriptional Regulation by TP53
reactomeR-HSA-453279Mitotic G1-G1/S phases
reactomeR-HSA-453279Mitotic G1-G1/S phases
reactomeR-HSA-5357801Programmed Cell Death
reactomeR-HSA-539107Activation of E2F1 target genes at G1/S
reactomeR-HSA-539107Activation of E2F1 target genes at G1/S
reactomeR-HSA-6791312TP53 Regulates Transcription of Cell Cycle Genes
reactomeR-HSA-6804114TP53 Regulates Transcription of Genes Involved in G2 Cell Cycle Arrest
reactomeR-HSA-69202Cyclin E associated events during G1/S transition
reactomeR-HSA-69205G1/S-Specific Transcription
reactomeR-HSA-69205G1/S-Specific Transcription
reactomeR-HSA-69206G1/S Transition
reactomeR-HSA-69206G1/S Transition
reactomeR-HSA-69231Cyclin D associated events in G1
reactomeR-HSA-69236G1 Phase
reactomeR-HSA-69242S Phase
reactomeR-HSA-69278Cell Cycle, Mitotic
reactomeR-HSA-69278Cell Cycle, Mitotic
reactomeR-HSA-69656Cyclin A:Cdk2-associated events at S phase entry
reactomeR-HSA-73857RNA Polymerase II Transcription
reactomeR-HSA-74160Gene expression (Transcription)
reactomeR-HSA-8953750Transcriptional Regulation by E2F6
reactomeR-HSA-8953897Cellular responses to external stimuli
reactomeR-HSA-9006936Signaling by TGF-beta family members

Gene-Drug: Aster Plot

Drug IDDrug NameModel Num.
iGMDRD85Ursolic acid1
iGMDRD446LY 21832401
iGMDRD523Cyanoquinoline, 113

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