Summary: Semaphorins are a large family, including both secreted and membrane associated proteins, many of which have been implicated as inhibitors or chemorepellents in axon pathfinding, fasciculation and branching, and target selection. All semaphorins possess a semaphorin (Sema) domain and a PSI domain (found in plexins, semaphorins and integrins) in the N-terminal extracellular portion. Additional sequence motifs C-terminal to the semaphorin domain allow classification into distinct subfamilies. Results demonstrate that transmembrane semaphorins, like the secreted ones, can act as repulsive axon guidance cues. This gene encodes a class 6 vertebrate transmembrane semaphorin that demonstrates alternative splicing. Several transcript variants have been identified and expression of the distinct encoded isoforms is thought to be regulated in a tissue- and development-dependent manner. [provided by RefSeq, Nov 2010].

semaphorin 6DMIM:609295Ensembl:ENSG00000137872HGNC:HGNC:16770PA13495103515q21.1

GO terms in SEMA6D

Term TypeEvidence TypeGO Term IDGO Des.
CCIBAGO:0005615extracellular space
CCIDAGO:0005794Golgi apparatus
CCIDAGO:0005886plasma membrane
CCTASGO:0005886plasma membrane
CCIBAGO:0005887integral component of plasma membrane
BPIBAGO:0001755neural crest cell migration
BPIEAGO:0014911positive regulation of smooth muscle cell migration
BPIEAGO:0014912negative regulation of smooth muscle cell migration
BPIEAGO:0021591ventricular system development
BPIEAGO:0030154cell differentiation
BPIBAGO:0030335positive regulation of cell migration
BPIBAGO:0048843negative regulation of axon extension involved in axon guidance
BPIBAGO:0050919negative chemotaxis
BPIBAGO:0071526semaphorin-plexin signaling pathway
MFIBAGO:0030215semaphorin receptor binding
MFIEAGO:0030215semaphorin receptor binding
MFIBAGO:0038191neuropilin binding
MFIBAGO:0045499chemorepellent activity

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Pathways in SEMA6D

DatabasePathway IDPathway Des.
reactomeR-HSA-1266738Developmental Biology
reactomeR-HSA-373755Semaphorin interactions
reactomeR-HSA-416700Other semaphorin interactions
reactomeR-HSA-422475Axon guidance
kegghsa04360Axon guidance - Homo sapiens (human)

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