Summary: The product of this gene belongs to the integrin alpha chain family. Integrins are heterodimeric integral membrane proteins composed of an alpha subunit and a beta subunit that function in cell surface adhesion and signaling. The encoded preproprotein is proteolytically processed to generate light and heavy chains that comprise the alpha 5 subunit. This subunit associates with the beta 1 subunit to form a fibronectin receptor. This integrin may promote tumor invasion, and higher expression of this gene may be correlated with shorter survival time in lung cancer patients. Note that the integrin alpha 5 and integrin alpha V subunits are encoded by distinct genes. [provided by RefSeq, Oct 2015].

integrin subunit alpha 5MIM:135620Ensembl:ENSG00000161638HGNC:HGNC:6141PA2994112q13.13

GO terms in ITGA5

Term TypeEvidence TypeGO Term IDGO Des.
CCIEAGO:0005783endoplasmic reticulum
CCIEAGO:0005794Golgi apparatus
CCTASGO:0005886plasma membrane
CCIDAGO:0005911cell-cell junction
CCHDAGO:0005925focal adhesion
CCIDAGO:0005925focal adhesion
CCIDAGO:0005925focal adhesion
CCIEAGO:0008305integrin complex
CCIEAGO:0009897external side of plasma membrane
CCHDAGO:0009986cell surface
CCIDAGO:0009986cell surface
CCIEAGO:0031410cytoplasmic vesicle
CCIDAGO:0032587ruffle membrane
CCTASGO:0071062alphav-beta3 integrin-vitronectin complex
BPIEAGO:0007044cell-substrate junction assembly
BPTASGO:0007155cell adhesion
BPIEAGO:0007157heterophilic cell-cell adhesion via plasma membrane cell adhesion molecules
BPIEAGO:0007159leukocyte cell-cell adhesion
BPIEAGO:0007229integrin-mediated signaling pathway
BPIEAGO:0010811positive regulation of cell-substrate adhesion
BPTASGO:0030198extracellular matrix organization
BPIEAGO:0030335positive regulation of cell migration
BPTASGO:0030949positive regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor signaling pathway
BPIMPGO:0031589cell-substrate adhesion
BPIDAGO:0033627cell adhesion mediated by integrin
BPIEAGO:0033631cell-cell adhesion mediated by integrin
BPIMPGO:0034113heterotypic cell-cell adhesion
BPIEPGO:0035313wound healing, spreading of epidermal cells
BPIMPGO:0035987endodermal cell differentiation
BPIEAGO:0046718viral entry into host cell
BPIMPGO:0050731positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation
BPTASGO:0050900leukocyte migration
BPIMPGO:1903672positive regulation of sprouting angiogenesis
BPIMPGO:2000811negative regulation of anoikis
MFIEAGO:0001618virus receptor activity
MFIEAGO:0005154epidermal growth factor receptor binding
MFTASGO:0005161platelet-derived growth factor receptor binding
MFIEAGO:0005178integrin binding
MFIPIGO:0005515protein binding
MFTASGO:0043184vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 binding
MFIEAGO:0046872metal ion binding

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Gene-drug pathway distribution

Pathways in ITGA5

DatabasePathway IDPathway Des.
reactomeR-HSA-1266738Developmental Biology
reactomeR-HSA-1474244Extracellular matrix organization
reactomeR-HSA-1474244Extracellular matrix organization
reactomeR-HSA-1566948Elastic fibre formation
reactomeR-HSA-1566977Fibronectin matrix formation
reactomeR-HSA-202733Cell surface interactions at the vascular wall
reactomeR-HSA-212436Generic Transcription Pathway
reactomeR-HSA-216083Integrin cell surface interactions
reactomeR-HSA-216083Integrin cell surface interactions
reactomeR-HSA-373760L1CAM interactions
reactomeR-HSA-422475Axon guidance
reactomeR-HSA-445144Signal transduction by L1
reactomeR-HSA-73857RNA Polymerase II Transcription
reactomeR-HSA-74160Gene expression (Transcription)
reactomeR-HSA-8878166Transcriptional regulation by RUNX2
reactomeR-HSA-8941332RUNX2 regulates genes involved in cell migration
wikipathwaysWP185Integrin-mediated Cell Adhesion
wikipathwaysWP2118Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy
wikipathwaysWP306Focal Adhesion
wikipathwaysWP3932Focal Adhesion-PI3K-Akt-mTOR-signaling pathway
wikipathwaysWP4172PI3K-Akt Signaling Pathway
wikipathwaysWP4180Ebola Virus Pathway on Host
wikipathwaysWP4217Ebola Virus Pathway on Host
wikipathwaysWP4239EMT transition in Colorectal Cancer
kegghsa04145Phagosome - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04151PI3K-Akt signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04510Focal adhesion - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04512ECM-receptor interaction - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04640Hematopoietic cell lineage - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04810Regulation of actin cytoskeleton - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05100Bacterial invasion of epithelial cells - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05131Shigellosis - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05133Pertussis - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05165Human papillomavirus infection - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05205Proteoglycans in cancer - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05206MicroRNAs in cancer - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05410Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05412Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05414Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) - Homo sapiens (human)
pidangiopoietinreceptor_pathwayAngiopoietin receptor Tie2-mediated signaling
pidarf6_traffickingpathwayArf6 trafficking events
pidfak_pathwaySignaling events mediated by focal adhesion kinase
pidintegrin1_pathwayBeta1 integrin cell surface interactions
pidlymphangiogenesis_pathwayVEGFR3 signaling in lymphatic endothelium
pidplexind1_pathwayPlexin-D1 Signaling
pidsyndecan_4_pathwaySyndecan-4-mediated signaling events
pidupa_upar_pathwayUrokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) and uPAR-mediated signaling

Gene-Drug: Aster Plot

Drug IDDrug NameModel Num.
iGMDRD341Triacsin c6
iGMDRD61Kinetin riboside3
iGMDRD523Cyanoquinoline, 114
iGMDRD267Oligomycin A4
iGMDRD889Compound 7d-cis3

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