Summary: The product of this gene belongs to the serine/threonine protein kinase family and to the Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase subfamily. Calcium signaling is crucial for several aspects of plasticity at glutamatergic synapses. In mammalian cells, the enzyme is composed of four different chains: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. The product of this gene is a delta chain. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms. Distinct isoforms of this chain have different expression patterns.[provided by RefSeq, Nov 2008].

calcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase II deltaMIM:607708Ensembl:ENSG00000145349HGNC:HGNC:1462PA924q26

GO terms in CAMK2D

Term TypeEvidence TypeGO Term IDGO Des.
CCTASGO:0005886plasma membrane
CCTASGO:0030666endocytic vesicle membrane
CCIEAGO:0033017sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane
CCIBAGO:0043005neuron projection
BPTASGO:0000165MAPK cascade
BPNASGO:0001558regulation of cell growth
BPTASGO:0002026regulation of the force of heart contraction
BPIDAGO:0003254regulation of membrane depolarization
BPTASGO:0006357regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
BPIDAGO:0006468protein phosphorylation
BPTASGO:0008016regulation of heart contraction
BPIMPGO:0010613positive regulation of cardiac muscle hypertrophy
BPISSGO:0010649regulation of cell communication by electrical coupling
BPISSGO:0010666positive regulation of cardiac muscle cell apoptotic process
BPISSGO:0010880regulation of release of sequestered calcium ion into cytosol by sarcoplasmic reticulum
BPICGO:0010881regulation of cardiac muscle contraction by regulation of the release of sequestered calcium ion
BPTASGO:0010881regulation of cardiac muscle contraction by regulation of the release of sequestered calcium ion
BPIDAGO:0018105peptidyl-serine phosphorylation
BPIDAGO:0018107peptidyl-threonine phosphorylation
BPISSGO:0032469endoplasmic reticulum calcium ion homeostasis
BPIDAGO:0046777protein autophosphorylation
BPIDAGO:0051259protein complex oligomerization
BPISSGO:0055119relaxation of cardiac muscle
BPTASGO:0060314regulation of ryanodine-sensitive calcium-release channel activity
BPTASGO:0060333interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway
BPIMPGO:0060341regulation of cellular localization
BPTASGO:0071277cellular response to calcium ion
BPISSGO:0086003cardiac muscle cell contraction
BPICGO:0086091regulation of heart rate by cardiac conduction
BPISSGO:0098901regulation of cardiac muscle cell action potential
BPICGO:0098909regulation of cardiac muscle cell action potential involved in regulation of contraction
BPTASGO:1901725regulation of histone deacetylase activity
BPICGO:1901844regulation of cell communication by electrical coupling involved in cardiac conduction
BPIDAGO:1901897regulation of relaxation of cardiac muscle
BPIDAGO:1902306negative regulation of sodium ion transmembrane transport
BPISSGO:1902514regulation of calcium ion transmembrane transport via high voltage-gated calcium channel
BPIDAGO:2000650negative regulation of sodium ion transmembrane transporter activity
MFIDAGO:0004674protein serine/threonine kinase activity
MFTASGO:0004674protein serine/threonine kinase activity
MFIBAGO:0004683calmodulin-dependent protein kinase activity
MFIDAGO:0004683calmodulin-dependent protein kinase activity
MFTASGO:0005088Ras guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity
MFIPIGO:0005515protein binding
MFIBAGO:0005516calmodulin binding
MFIPIGO:0005516calmodulin binding
MFIEAGO:0005524ATP binding
MFIDAGO:0019871sodium channel inhibitor activity
MFIPIGO:0031432titin binding
MFIPIGO:0042802identical protein binding
MFIPIGO:0042803protein homodimerization activity
MFIPIGO:0044325ion channel binding
MFISSGO:0044325ion channel binding

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Gene-drug pathway distribution

Pathways in CAMK2D

DatabasePathway IDPathway Des.
reactomeR-HSA-112314Neurotransmitter receptors and postsynaptic signal transmission
reactomeR-HSA-112315Transmission across Chemical Synapses
reactomeR-HSA-112316Neuronal System
reactomeR-HSA-1280215Cytokine Signaling in Immune system
reactomeR-HSA-162582Signal Transduction
reactomeR-HSA-168256Immune System
reactomeR-HSA-2262752Cellular responses to stress
reactomeR-HSA-3371556Cellular response to heat stress
reactomeR-HSA-3371571HSF1-dependent transactivation
reactomeR-HSA-382551Transport of small molecules
reactomeR-HSA-397014Muscle contraction
reactomeR-HSA-399719Trafficking of AMPA receptors
reactomeR-HSA-399721Glutamate binding, activation of AMPA receptors and synaptic plasticity
reactomeR-HSA-438064Post NMDA receptor activation events
reactomeR-HSA-438066Unblocking of NMDA receptor, glutamate binding and activation
reactomeR-HSA-442729CREB phosphorylation through the activation of CaMKII
reactomeR-HSA-442742CREB phosphorylation through the activation of Ras
reactomeR-HSA-442755Activation of NMDA receptor and postsynaptic events
reactomeR-HSA-442982Ras activation upon Ca2+ influx through NMDA receptor
reactomeR-HSA-5576891Cardiac conduction
reactomeR-HSA-5576892Phase 0 - rapid depolarisation
reactomeR-HSA-5578775Ion homeostasis
reactomeR-HSA-5673001RAF/MAP kinase cascade
reactomeR-HSA-5683057MAPK family signaling cascades
reactomeR-HSA-5684996MAPK1/MAPK3 signaling
reactomeR-HSA-877300Interferon gamma signaling
reactomeR-HSA-8953897Cellular responses to external stimuli
reactomeR-HSA-913531Interferon Signaling
reactomeR-HSA-936837Ion transport by P-type ATPases
reactomeR-HSA-983712Ion channel transport
biocartabiopeptidespathwaybioactive peptide induced signaling pathway
biocartacacampathwayca-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase activation
biocartacrebpathwaytranscription factor creb and its extracellular signals
biocartapgc1apathwayregulation of pgc-1a
biocartastathminpathwaystathmin and breast cancer resistance to antimicrotubule agents
pidhes_heypathwayNotch-mediated HES/HEY network
pidifngpathwayIFN-gamma pathway
pharmgkbPA162356267EGFR Inhibitor Pathway, Pharmacodynamics
kegghsa04012ErbB signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04020Calcium signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04024cAMP signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04066HIF-1 signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04114Oocyte meiosis - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04217Necroptosis - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04261Adrenergic signaling in cardiomyocytes - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04310Wnt signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04360Axon guidance - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04713Circadian entrainment - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04720Long-term potentiation - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04722Neurotrophin signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04725Cholinergic synapse - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04728Dopaminergic synapse - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04740Olfactory transduction - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04750Inflammatory mediator regulation of TRP channels - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04911Insulin secretion - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04912GnRH signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04916Melanogenesis - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04921Oxytocin signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04922Glucagon signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04925Aldosterone synthesis and secretion - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04934Cushing,s syndrome - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa04971Gastric acid secretion - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05031Amphetamine addiction - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05152Tuberculosis - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05200Pathways in cancer - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05205Proteoglycans in cancer - Homo sapiens (human)
kegghsa05214Glioma - Homo sapiens (human)
wikipathwaysWP1528Physiological and Pathological Hypertrophy of the Heart
wikipathwaysWP1544MicroRNAs in cardiomyocyte hypertrophy
wikipathwaysWP1991SRF and miRs in Smooth Muscle Differentiation and Proliferation
wikipathwaysWP2795Cardiac Hypertrophic Response
wikipathwaysWP289Myometrial Relaxation and Contraction Pathways
wikipathwaysWP4008NO-cGMP-PKG mediated Neuroprotection
wikipathwaysWP428Wnt Signaling Pathway
wikipathwaysWP536Calcium Regulation in the Cardiac Cell

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Drug IDDrug NameModel Num.
iGMDRD61Kinetin riboside6
iGMDRD322FK 8663

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